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  • Campus-wide Parent Resources

    The links below provide information for parents of SFLS students.For news updates on the SFLS,please log on the homepage latest newsletter.

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    Map & directions
    Student Life

    Directions and Parking
    SFLS Health Services


    Name list of The Parents’ Committee members in 2016:

    Recommended honorary chairman of committee
    Xue Weiliang     Fang Min
    Recommended chairman of committee
    Dong Sirong
    Recommended vice chairman of committee
    Lu Yazhou    Gu Jianfang    Zhu Ye
    Recommended secretary general
    Lu Xing   

    Parents Resource Survey

    Hours: Monday-Firday,8am-5pm Phone: 0512-68250177
    E-mail: sflsguoji@163.com