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          Contact Us

          School Addresser

          Add:No.201,Zhuyuan Road,
          Suzhou,New District,
          Tel:0512-87188009 Email:sflsguoji@163.com


          About Suzhou

          Suzhou meteial hteasures, outstanding people ,known as "paradise on earth", the world has always been known for its beautiful landscape, gardens and elegant" southern gardens best in the world Suzhou garden A jiangnan" good name, but also because of its the bridges people of watertown ancient city features an reputation as the "Venice of the East".

          Suzhou Office Travel and Tourism Website: http://en.visitsz.com/

          FLV File.

          Scenic Spot 

          Humble Administrator's Garden
          Humble administrator's Garden ,the representatives of the southern gardens...
            Lion Grove Garden
          Lion Forest (Lion Grove Garden),commonly referred to as the Lion Grove in...
          Tiger Hill
          The Huqiu is national AAAAA-level scenic sports and national civilized units....
            Jinji Lake
          The beautiful scenery of Jinji Lake in Suzhou industrial Park expanded surround Jinji Lake Dushu...
             Visiting SFLS

          We welcome the students from all over the world !Our student population come from different countries that makes us one of the most internationalised of all China schools. Just imagine the cultural diversity that brings to our campus